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Woman Known As Bikini Hiker

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Supreme Court rules in favor of Trump’s transgender military ban


Published time: 22 Jan, 2019 15:58 Edited time: 22 Jan, 2019 16:15

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Supreme Court rules in favor of Trump’s transgender military ban
FILE PHOTO © Reuters / Mike Blake

The US Supreme Court has ruled that President Trump’s ban on tran…

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CALLING HORN’S MILIEU! Rabbi Says Rise Of DNA Testing Is Precursor To Messiah’s Arrival
According to Jewish sources, part of the Messianic process will include a process of clarifying the true identities of individuals and, in fact, this is already happening through the never-before-s…
Ex-US Marine Paul Whelan charged with spying was in possession of Russian ‘state secrets’ – lawyer
Paul Whelan, the ex-US Marine suspected of espionage in Russia, had documents containing state secrets at the time of his arrest in Moscow, his lawyer said. Whelan may not have been aware he had sensitive information, he added.
Man tried to ram gate of Presidential Palace in Warsaw
Police in Warsaw, Poland, have arrested a man after he tried to ram his car through the gates of the Presidential Palace.
(1916) Trumps Sends A Message To The [DS] & The [CB] - Episode 1771a - YouTube
A. Clark 2 hours ago • I want to take this opportunity to thank each of you who voted for President Trump. GOD BLESS AMERICA and God bless you President Trump. WWG1WGA!!!!! Show less Read more 2 hours ago 367 367 Reply
YOU 'RE BIAS & INSINCERE !!MOMENT TREY GOWDY GRILLS I.G TILL HE SPILLS ABOUT HILLARY 1,854 views 1.8K views • 200 3 Share Save 200 / 3 FREEMAN Published on Jan 17, 2019 Subscribe THAT'S THE PURE DEFINITION OF BIAS!" TREY GOWDY GOES OFF ON INSPECTOR GENERAL TILL HE SPILLS ABOUT HILLARY AND BENGHAZI. thanks for watching. Like,share and subscribe for more Show less Show more
Watch out, Trump? California Sen. Kamala Harris announces presidential run
California Senator Kamala Harris has announced her candidacy for president with a pledge to “bring our voices together.” The first-term senator has been billed as one of the Democrats’ best chances for defeating Trump in 2020.
Not so lucky charms: ‘Monk’ slashes vendor’s throat to prove his protective amulets are fake
A man, thought to be a Buddhist monk, has been arrested over a horrific slashing attack on a street vendor in Bangkok. He reportedly attacked the seller to prove that his wares – lucky necklaces – were no protection from danger.
Barber creates Putin portrait in man's hair
A talented barber has created a ‘hair tattoo’ of Russian President Vladimir Putin.
Trump calls release of BuzzFeed report 'a sad day for journalism'; Giuliani urges DOJ pursuit of leakers Richard's News OnLine Is debunked Trump-Cohen report a huge blow to BuzzFeed's credibility? President Trump on Friday night slammed a BuzzFeed News report, which alleges the president has been implicated in a crime, saying its release marked a “very sad day for journalism” after Special Counsel Robert Mueller's team released a rare statement claiming the outlet got its facts wrong. Trump went to Twitter to remind his 57.5 million followers 
#ExposeChristianSchools: Twitter erupts over Pence’s defense of Christian schools
The US vice president has come under fire for defending his wife’s teaching appointment to an anti-LGBTQ Christian school. Mike Pence said attacks on Christian schools need to stop, sparking a huge debate on Twitter.
Ocasio-Cortez breaks all-time C-SPAN record in first House speech